Mom Spent 26 Years In Pain, Then Discovers She Has 2 Vaginas, 2 Wombs, 2 Cervixes

Claire Wright, 26 years old, wanted to be a mother more than anything in the world. In 2006, she had just married the love of her life, Mark, and they were excited to start a family.

After two years of trying, though, they knew something was wrong.

Clairethought her inability to conceive might be from her childhood surgeries, so she sought medical help to figure out the problem.

When Claire was born, her food pipe and wind pipe didn’t form properly, so she went through years of surgery to help her eat and breathe.

Until age four, Claire had to be tube fed. She was finally able to eat normally again after a surgery moved her stomach into her chest.

As a teen, Claire had horrible abdominal pain and heavy menstrual bleeding. Although there are a variety of reasons for abdominal pain, doctors claimed Claire’s was just a side effect of all the surgeries she’d had as a kid. She thought her conception problems might be related.

Finally, onChristmas Eve, 2008, Claire had an abdominal MRI to see why she couldn’t conceive.

It was then that doctors made a stunning discovery about her years of pain.

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Doctors were stunned to discover Claire had two wombs, two cervixes, and two vaginas.

Claire and all of her childhood doctors had beencompletely unaware that she had twice the sexual organs she was meant to have.

The septum between Claire’s two cervixes was so thick that her left vagina was almost completely covered, so Claire had no idea that she had two.


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Doctors discovered that Claire’s right-hand sexual organs weren’t working which is why she couldn’t get pregnant.

They were hopeful that the left-side ones would work, so they recommended surgery.

In March 2009, Claire had surgery to remove the septum dividing her two cervices.

Claire told PA Real Life, “After the operation, having sex was painful – like losing my virginity all over again. But we had to do it, because we just wanted a baby.”


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Later that year, Claire saw two lines on a pregnancy test and was ecstatic.

She and Mark were thrilled, but when she suddenly went into labor at 23 weeks, the baby didn’t make it.

Although they were heartbroken, they decided to try again, and Claire got pregnant in May 2010.

On January 12, 2011, Claire gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Jaiden.

After five years of trying to have a baby, Claire and Mark were the proud parents of a perfect baby boy.


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Normal pregnancy is painful, but I can only imagine what it must have been like for Claire, who already suffered from severe abdominal pain.

Despite the discomfort and pain, though, Claire decided she wanted to add to her family again. Two years after Jaiden was born, Claire got pregnant with baby Jorja.

Claire gave birth early, but after a few weeks in the NICU, baby Jorja was allowed to go home, and Claire and Mark were elated to have completed their family.


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After Jorja was born, Claire approached doctors about getting a hysterectomy to end the pain she’d been dealing with for 34 years.

The doctors told her that because of the scarring left by her childhood surgeries, a hysterectomy would be too high risk.

Claire was disappointed, but is still so glad that doctors discovered what was wrong with her in the first place.

For now, I am just so grateful to have my wonderful family and I have to learn to live with my conditions,” she said.


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After all Claire went through, it’s incredible that she’s still so optimistic. I’m sure she and Mark are incredible parents to these two adorable kids.

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