Parents Kiss Newborn After His Birth. 3 Months Later, They Realize His Head Wont Stop Growing

Everything seemed pretty norma during the first three months of Miles Rhodes’ life.

In the video below, posted on September 15, 2014, mom Alexandra Rhodes explains, “The first three months of Miles’ life presented the normal newborn infant challenges: feeding regimens, late nights, early mornings, lots of crying, the usual.”

“Month two or three, we started to notice his head getting larger,” his dad, Dorian, adds.

Alexandra recalls: “The word ‘hydrocephalus‘ kept appearing in all of these searches that we were doing.”

The couple remembers taking Miles to his pediatrician, where they learned that their biggest fears had become a reality. Miles was taken to have surgery the same week, while his parents dealt with the shock of his diagnosis. He indeed had a severe case of hydrocephalus, an excess of fluid that can put pressure on the brain.

Luckily, thedoctors atPenn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center worked their hardest to treat the condition. Alexandra and Dorian share that their child endured over 10 surgeries in order to stabilize his hydrocephalus. Today, Miles is improving and developing as he should. He’s his parents’ little miracle.

“It was a long, grueling couple of months,” Alexandra says. “You know, he still every single day just laughs and smiles and he’s patient. Loud and laughing and happy!”

Dorian gushes, “You can’t help but smile and your heart be warmed just by looking into his beautiful, big brown eyes. You know, we really feel that Miles was put on this earth to move people… to bring a smile on maybe just one person’s face. That could change the world and I truly, truly believe that.”

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