Patrick Stewart Opens His Front Door And Is Delighted To See His Furry New Roommate

Canyou imagine getting a knock on your door and opening it to find a happy, wiggly pit bull at your doorstep?

Well, this actually happened to film star Sir Patrick Stewart recently but it didn’t happen on accident.

Sir Patrick and his wifeSunny Ozell welcomed Ginger, anadorable rescue doggy, into their home as a foster and they couldn’t be more excited to have her.

Poor Ginger was saved frombeing a breeding dog in a pit bull fighting ring.

But now she is safe, happy, and inhabiting an A-lister’s lovelyhome for a while until she finds a forever home.

Sir Patrick is particularly excited to open his home to her because she’s the first dog he’s had in over 50 years, according to an interview withConan O’Brien apparently his last dog had to be put down.

What’s even more exciting than seeing his reaction to his new foster pup is the fact that you can potentially adopt her from him!

Inquiries about adopting Ginger can be posted on his social media for consideration can you imagine conversing with him about what doggy supplies to buy and where to pick her up?

Regardless of whetheryou are interested in adopting, the video of Sir Patrick and the pup meeting for the first time will surely brighten your day, so check it out down below.

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