Prepare your stomach: Girl Scout cookie season is finally here

Image: Girl Scouts of America

Clear off a shelf and and gird your sweet tooth, everyone: Girl Scout cookie season has arrived.

January 3 marks the official start of the 100th year of Girl Scouts selling cookies an annual tradition that began when an Oklahoma troop held a school bake sale in 1917.

And this year, the Girl Scouts have two new treats to be guiltily scarfed down alongside our beloved Thin Mints, Samoas and Do-si-dos a duo of delightful S’mores cookies. The first cookie is a crispy graham cookie double dipped in a crme icing and enrobed in a chocolatey coating and the second cookie is a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate and marshmallowy filling. Incidentally, both seem like they would be great with even more marshmallows and chocolate stacked between them.

As always, cookie prices and availability vary by troop, so if you don’t know a Girl Scout already, start asking your coworkers stat.

Every purchase of a box of Girl Scout cookies helps power Girl Scout programming locally for nearly 2 million members.For more information about Girl Scouts, visit

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