Rachael Ray Stuns 11-Year-Old Baker With Her Idol, Then Gives Her A Second Surprise

Some people find their passions young, and 11-year-old Chloe is definitelyone of those people.

She enjoys baking cupcakes for her family and friends. Eventually, people noticed she’s much more talented than your average home baker.

She started cooking for events and companies, and was even noticed in her local newspaper for making cupcakes into art!

But, unfortunately, she had to stop themass production of her beautiful creations.

All because goods that are for sale have to be prepared in a kitchen certified by the health department.Chloe didn’t know about those rules, so she had to cancel orders. Now she’s trying to find new ways to get back into the oven!

Rachael Ray decided to notice Chloe for her great talents and surprise her with a few of her favorite things. What better way to do thatthan with Chloe’s idol, Buddy Valastro ofCake Boss, plus a double oven!

In the video below, Chloe’s face lights up when Rachael shows her who and what’s waiting for her. I think it’s safe to saythis little girl is going to do just as Buddy tellsher follow her dreams.

She’s got a bright future ahead of her, and this minor kitchen setback won’t hold her back for long.

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