Rachael Yells Whoa When Guest Tells Her To Grab A Blowtorch To Make Bright Paint Look Antique

Take a look around your home and you’ll probably find at least a few things lying around that could totally be used to make an amazing upcycled craft like the DIY ladder bookshelf below!

While visiting Rachael Ray’s studio, the Kitchen Cousins from HGTVexplained how they love takingitems that seem to only serve one function and giving them a whole new purpose,such as the cheap wooden ladders found at home-improvement stores or that you may already have crowding up your garage.

Of course, this is just one of the many creative ways folks can give ladders a second life, but I have to admit I would have never come up with the bookshelf idea below on my own.

It’s up to you how you’d like to customize the design with different colored paints or accents, but thecousins decided to give theirs a cozy look by sanding down the whole thing to create a rustic texture.

But whatreally makes Rachael’s jaw drop? It’s when they recommend grabbing a blowtorch to make the paint bubble up and add even more dimension to the project.

Though they sadly refrain from recreating the trick despite Rachael saying she has a cooking blowtorch in the set’s kitchen, seeing the results definitely makes me want to give it a shot with my next project.

Watch the clip below to heartheseawesome tips and see Rachael’s hilarious reaction when one of the cousins makes a joke about her height.

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