Senior Horse Put Up At Auction For Meat Farmers, Then Heartbroken Woman Bids On Her

Horses are among the most amazing and majestic animals out there, that’s for darn sure.

The bonds that they’re able to form with us and with each other is unlike that of any other animal. They can learn to intuit what we humans are thinking at the slight tug of the reigns or nudge of the foot. Horses and their humans are a team, and what better partner to have than a towering, glistening, clever creature?

Unfortunately, some folks don’t think that this bond matters anymore once a horse reaches a certain age. That’s when some very unlucky horses are sent away to become meat. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

When Allen and Cherina Bornscheuer, owners of Serenity Stables in Spring Hill, Florida, caught wind that this was happening left and right, they leapt to action. They started an incredible horse adoption program.

TheBornscheuers do everything they can to save as many lovely old horses as possible from a sad fate. They take them under their wings and look for a loving home that will take care of the horses until it is their natural time to depart from this world, and not a moment sooner.

If the generous couple can’t find a horse a home? They will keep him or her under their very own roof.

You can just see the love and appreciation in the eyes of the horses that almost met an untimely end. Now, they get to participate in riding lessons and breathe the fresh Florida air on a daily basis.

Don’t you think every horse deserves to live a life like this?

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