She Transforms Her Appearance, Then Strangers Say She Got Cosmetic Surgery

In 2014, Sherynreceived a makeover onThe Doctors.However, after her stunning before and after, people thought she had gottencosmetic surgery on her face.

Her dark circles had disappeared, her nose looked smaller, and her cheekbones seemed rounder and more defined. The audience was shocked to discover that there wasn’t a knife or a needle involved.

Sheryn was transformed with makeup alone by celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes. Scott showed how highlighting and contouring the cheekbones and jaw can enhance your natural features without the cost or risk of surgery.

The magic of makeup can create stunning transformations for special occasions without the cost of losing your sense of self. Admittedly, the process itself is a little jarring: The use of such light and heavy makeup can look cartoonish.

However, once Scott blended it all together, Sherynlooked completely different and all the more glamorous. Dr. Travis asked the audience if they believed she had received plastic surgery or makeup and the crowd was split.

“Scott really has done it. He’s performed surgery with his brushes,” said one of the doctors on the panel. “It’s all about creating shadows.”

The panel was stunned, calling Scott the Michelangelo of makeup because he was able to sculpt new features with a few powders and creams.

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