Siblings Dont Come Home When Mom Goes To Jail, Then Sister Messages Strangers With Their Names

All Tracie Mills wanted was her family back. Thanks to social media and a little hope, her one wish actually came true.

Tracie was only 5 years old when her mom, Christi, was sent to serve time in jail on drug charges. Her sentencing forced Tracie and her siblings, Tamra, and Josh, to be separated and sent to various homes.

Tracie ended up living with her great aunt and hadn’t seen or herd from her brother and sister for nearly two decades.

In the video below, posted on March 8, 2017, Tracie recalls, “I was old enough to like get on Facebook and look for their names and I looked for them, but I didn’t know what they looked like. So, just as soon as my mom got out, I was like, ‘What do they look like?’ and she helped me get online and like, look through pictures and we just found what we thought was them and we got in touch with their parents.”

After sorting through countless profiles, Tracie’s siblings were only a few Facebook messages away. They all decided to meet up at a Texas park and catch up on decades of missed time.

They learned that Tamra was living with her paternal grandparents and Josh was with his father. After so many years without seeing each other, the siblings seemed to be reconnecting quickly.

“They miss the teasing, the playing, the fighting, the fussing,” Christi says, overjoyed to see her kids altogether again and adds, “There’s so much stuff I really regret. If I could change, I would change so much. I would never have lost them.”

Today, Christi says she is 8 years clean and she is now ready to move on with her kids by her side.

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