Smart Dog Hears Pregnant Mom Sneeze, Then Dashes Away To Fetch Her A Tissue

Do you think dogs have a sixth sense? Maybe they can read our minds? Or feel what we feel?

If you have a dog that’s anything like mine, it sure might seem that way. Whether Im happy or sad, my dog always knows the best moments to come and comfort or play.

It seems like theintelligent Labrador below is even more in sync with her owner than myself and my boxer. Or maybe just a bit more intensely trained.

You dont really see her in the shot, but this pretty dogs owner is actually lying on the couch, nine months pregnant. Shes a bit sick, and it looks as if her dog is the caretaker for the day.

As the Lab stands by staring, suddenly her mom sneezes. But instead of sneezing back or barking to say thank you, the dog does something even more shocking.

She immediately turns around, walks to the corner, and fetches her mom a tissue!

She literally grabs just one tissue from the tissue box and runs it right back to her stuffy, pregnant mommy.

Can you imagine? Theres no way this woman will ever have to worry about her or her baby being safe. If this dog takes care of her when she has a cold, imagine what shed do if there wassomething more serious wrong.

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