Sobbing Driver Explains Why She Ran Red Light, But Judge Laughs When She Mentions Ill Husband

Those of us who have been driving on the road for years have likely had to pay a ticket or two. Mistakes happen to everyone, either because we’re not paying attention or we don’tunderstand the rules of the road correctly.

But one 71-year-old woman, who has been driving for years, just received her first ticket for a traffic violation most people have likely made: running a red light. Otherwise, her record is totallyclean there isn’t even a parking ticket under her name!

The woman showed up in court to dispute the ticketand stood before Judge Frank Caprio. Theirinteraction, caught on camera byCaught in Providence,was certainly unlike most we’ve seen to date!

Upon reviewing the footage, it became absolutely clear that the woman was in the wrong: She ran the red light, and she admitted to her wrongdoing. But, through tears, she explained to him why. She had been preoccupied.

As it turns out, the driver’s husband was in the hospitaland had undergone surgery. She was returning there to visit him. In court, she could barely contain her tears while telling the judge about his condition. Although he is healthy now, six weeks later, there were complications.

While most people would deem this excuse as inadequate, Judge Caprio had no problem letting her off and giving her a break on the ticket. Because she was a first-time offender, and because of her circumstances, he felt that she could use it! But, chuckling to himself, he was clear: no more excuses from now on!

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