Strangers Tell Her To Remove The Hairy Birthmark On Her Face, But She Refuses

Cassandra Naud was born with a huge birthmark under her eye. In fact, when she was born, her parents were given the option of having it removed.

They strongly considered it, until doctors warned the surgery could leave severe scarring.

Fortunately, Cassandra’s family was never ashamed of the mark. While children at school made fun of her condition (which is called nevus), her mother told herto remember that her birthmark is a part of what makes her beautiful.

“Growing up, I had a lot of issues with my confidence,” she told Inside Edition in a 2015 interview. “Right before high school was when it was the hardest because I was scared to go into high school. So that was when I was like, ‘Maybe I do want to get it removed.’”

However, after learning about the scarring risk, she decided to keep the birthmark, a decision she thinks is for the best. At 23 years old, Cassandra is a successful dancer and model because of her birthmark, not in spite of it.

“I love my birthmark, it just really makes me stand out,” she said. “It definitely gives me an edgier look. I’ve gone to an audition and the director said, ‘I love you, but not for this job I have another job waiting for you.’”

Although strangers often bombard her with questions, and a casting agent once told her to remove the birthmark from her photos, her unique look has been more of an asset than a setback.

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