Teen Is Excited For Prom, But Gets Stunned When Chaperones See Her Dress And Kick her Out

In May 2014, a teen called Clare was preparing to attend her approaching senior prom occasion at a church in Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Clare was homeschooled, so the concept of heading out and having a good time with her sweetheart and their pals was particularly exciting.

Clare chose the perfect silver dress and made certain it was in compliance with the only dress code listed on the registration form. The dress passed the “fingertip test,” indicating it was long enough to wear.

Nevertheless, as Clare walked into the dance with her boyfriend, a senior prom organizer took a look at her and stated,” Honey, that dress is too short.”

It wasn’t long prior to the organizer removed Clare from the dance floor completely and slammed her dancing, stating her moves were too provocative. The lady also said the mix of Clare’s dress and dancing would “cause the boys at the senior prom to think impure thoughts.”

Needless to say, the teenager was embarrassed and humiliated.

Clare and her boyfriend were then tossed out of the event. They were also refused refunds for the $25 tickets.

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