Teen Is Shot And Run Over While Trying To Save Woman, Then Gunmans Cousin Shows Up In Hospital

17-year-old Daniel Wesley put his own life on the line to save a dying woman named April Peck.

Daniel witnesses April beingthrown from a car and shot on a Louisiana road. His instincts kicked in and he ran over to see if she was okay. Suddenly, April’s gunman attacker and the driver of the car, Terrell Walker, opened the door and told him, “If you’re helping her then you’re gonna die too.”

“…He shot me in the butt and then he ran after everyone else,” Daniel recalled.

He was shot again in the arm and when he was down, his legs were run over by Terrell as he drove away.

Amidst all of his harrowing injuries, the heroic teenager pulled through. Although he was unable to save April’s life, his selfless actions made him a hero, something that becameclear while he was healing in the hospital.

While he was recuperating, Daniel was visited by someone he never expected to see: Terrell’s cousin.

She arrived, visibly upset and apologizing for her cousin’s heinous crimes. The humble teen told her, “…Don’t be sorry, like, you couldn’t change it. I couldn’t change it. It happened, it’s already in the past.” Without missing a beat, Daniel ensured the gunman’s cousin that life would indeed move on.

Then, he had another exciting visitor. When the governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, asked the heroif there was anything that he wanted, Daniel replied,“Can you get a vending machine with root beer in it, because none of the vending machines here have root beer.”

This teenager didn’t ask for much, but the fearless risk he took was enormous. His wish was granted within minutes, but no amount of root beer could make up for Daniel’s noble attempt at saving a life that night.

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