The Magical Harry Potter Eyeshadow Palette Is Finally On Sale

Wands at the ready, Harry Potter fans the eyeshadow palette that Stupefied youwith its beauty is finally available.

TheWizardry and Witchcraft-themed palettelaunches for pre-saletoday at noon EST thanks toStorybook Cosmetics,the masterminds behind themagic wand makeup brushesthat took the internet by storm last year.

The palette is composed of 12 shades, each more bewitching than the next, and retails for $52 plus shipping.

Storybook shared a first look at their Wizardry and Witchcraft palette on Instagram back in January. Its shaped like an old storybook, with a mirror inside the front cover.The shadows range from a decidedly Slytherin-green hue called Potions to a matte black Cauldron shade. The color titles also reference the legendary wizard Merlin and witchy Salem.

The Wizardry and Witchcraft palette is the latest in a wave of unofficial Harry Potter-themed cosmetics. Fans can already purchasea Harry Potter contour kit, Chocolate Frog face powders, and Felix Felicis lipstickfrom various vendors.

According to Storybook, orders placed now have an estimated ship date of May 20. Excuse us while we try to get our hands on a time turner ASAP.

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