This Pediatrician Is Prescribing Moms Vitamin D And A Glass Of Well Deserved Wine

Going to the doctor can be stressful, even if it’s just for a check up.Having your entire being and lifestyle analyzed can feel a lot like being judged. But what’s worse than being poked and prodded yourself? Bringing your kids instead.

Lucky for you, Kristina Kuzmic has a special guest on this episode of Truth Bomb Mom who is going to ease a lot of your anxiety when it comes to doctor visits, andyour whole life in general.

Dr. Sethi, who treats Kristina’s own children is here to tell you that, “You are doing a great job.” Seriously, she says so multiple times and she doesn’t even have to see your kids to prove it. The fact that you’re even reading this proves how much you care.

The doctor continues, “I have been a pediatrician for years, and you know what the one thing that kids don’t need? For you to be perfect.” Trust her, she’s a doctor.

Dr. Sethi has met nearly as many mothers as she has met children and is happy to inform us, “You know what? You don’t want to be perfect. It doesn’t exist. I have never met a perfect mother. Never. And I have met so many mothers, you have no idea.”

So, sit back, relax and enjoy the free medical advice in this episode of Truth Bomb Mom.

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