Toddler Is Amazed By Mini Horses Outside Her Window, Does Her Best To Become Friends

If there is something to be said about mini horses, it’s that they’re one of the most adorable creatures out there. Just by her reaction, it’s easy to say that this little toddler agrees.

The young girl was inside her home with her mom, Brenda, the owner of the Little Hooves miniature-horse ranch. It was a bright snowy day, when threecurious mini horses decided to go exploring. What came next wasbeyond cute.

The three mini horses made their way to Brenda’s warm home, where she and her family were gathered inside.

Once she saw the small equine friends approaching, she grabbed her camera to record the beautiful moment.

Suddenly, her toddler noticed the mini horses standing outside her window and she went to investigate.

The toddler, who was holding a silver spoon at the time, tried her best to peer over the bottom of the window for a full view of the mini horses. Then one furry friend in particular stood out to her.

The excited toddler tapped her tiny hand on the glass to get the mini horse’s attention. The horse seemed to have a new friend, keeping all eyes and ears on the little girl and her mom’s camera. The mini horse was even looking right into the lens!

To see the amazing interaction between thetiny toddler and her mini-horse pals, check out the adorable video below!

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