Tortoise Moves Slowly Along Road, Doesnt Seem To Notice Dog Perched On Top Of Shell

It seems that unlikely animal pairings arekind of the norm now. We’ve seen them all from dog-and-cat relationship stereotypes being shattered, to justplainbizarre critter combinations that no one would have ever imagined.

But I guess the moral of the story is this: Any living creature can be friends with whomever he or she chooses, no matter what they look like or where they come from.

In the video below, posted onFebruary 3, 2017, we seea strange sightright that hasus asking a lot of questions, most of whichwill most likely remain unanswered.

A large tortoise makesitsway through a parking lot (one of the questions we can’t help but ask:How did it get there?) and a tiny dog has somehow madeits way up on the reptile’s shell.

The dog looks quite comfortable and content in the beginning, with the tortoise slowly but surely crawlingdown the road and we’re almost positive he has no idea the canine ison its shell. Talk about some muscle!

As the video proceeds, thefurry friend looks like it has no idea how to get off. The dog ispositioned quite steadily on the shell, but doesn’tmove one muscle thewhole time the tortoise iswalking along!

So the reptile just keepstrudgingon, unaware there’s afurry friend stuck on hisshell but at least the creature isgoing at a turtle’s pace for the dog to eventually jump off!

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