What do you buy an F1 world champion for Christmas?

(CNN)They’re multimillionaires who live for high-speed thrills — so what could you possibly give a Formula One world champion at Christmas?

After claiming the most prestigious prize in motorsport, 2016 winner Nico Rosberg says it’s the little things that matter most.
    The Mercedes driver sensationally quit F1 just five days after winning his first title, wanting to spend more time with wife Vivian and their one-year-old daughter Alaia.
    “It’s easy to make me happy with one small thing,” Rosberg told CNN. “Lovely, thoughtful, small presents. Nothing beats the personal touch.
    “What would I like? Just a beautiful picture of the three of us together. That would be amazing.”

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    Will there also be a gift under the tree for his racing rival Hamilton?
    “I only get my close friends or family a Christmas present,” Rosberg says. “We’re not that close at the moment obviously, but maybe a Christmas card. I’ve sent cards to him in past years.”
    Asked whether he has plans to catch up with Monaco neighbor Hamilton for dinner, he adds: “I don’t see why not. We were best friends back in the day and now we have this competitive thing that’s going away.
    “We’ll see, maybe one day.”

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