Why This Mom Is Done With Saying Sorry All The Time And You Should Be Too

The word “sorry” has invaded the everyday vocabulary of women everywhere. In fact, many of the things we are “so sorry” about don’t warrant an apology at all. However, that doesn’t stop people from begging for the forgiveness of the stranger whose elbow they accidentally brushed. Myself included.

On this episode of Truth Bomb Mom, Kristina Kuzmic addresses this issue. “We have got to talk about a problem I have where I apologize way too much,” she says.

That’s right, even the Truth Bomb Mom herself is guilty of being overly apologetic. The thing is that no one should have to feel sorry for many of the types of things for which they are apologizing.

For Kristina, this can mean meeting a friend for coffee and feeling obligated to say, “Sorry I look so tired” or “Sorry, but can I ask you a question?”

Of course, it’s a slippery slope. Being sorry for asking a question continues into being sorry about the crazy weather. Kristina makes a good point when says, “As if I have control over the fricking weather, which I don’t.”

Let it be known that no one is condoning skipping the apology you owe your neighbor after your beagle digs up their lawn, but there is no need to apologize about sweating. Apologizing about the small stuff can give you the clarity you need to only be sorry when it really matters.

Better yet, the less you say sorry for the types of things that make us all human, the better you will feel about being yourself, messy hair included.

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