Wifes Husband Shaves Her Head After Chemo Treatment, 18 Months Later Shes Transformed On TV

Blanca, a nurse practitioner, would help detect other people’s breast cancer, but never imagined she’d one day be in their shoes, too.

About a year and a half ago, Blanca found a lump on her breast. As every woman knows, this is a terrifying thing to find, and an even more terrifying diagnosis if the lump is cancerous.

Unfortunately for Blanca, it was cancerous and it had already spread much further than anyone would have hoped even into her lymph nodes. She immediately started chemotherapy treatment and did all she could to ensure she would beat this horrific disease.

Within her first two treatments, though, her hair started to fall out. In a moment of true strength and love, her husband decided to help her shave her head the day of her second treatment.

Fighting for her life and trying to keep strength, she lost her hair and then had a double mastectomy and radiation too. Nevertheless, she did not let the difficult health journey she was embarking on get her down.

She kept her strength for her children and her husband, and she has proven to be an inspiration to many through this beautiful showing of strength.

She’s going through radiation still, but she says she feels great. The Doctorsdecided to not only showcase her inspirational spirit but her beauty too, in an all new long-haired glamorous makeover.

Now, she feels and looks beautiful from the inside out! Just wait until you see how perfectly they matched her new hair!

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