Woman Asks For Grandparents WWII Love Letters, Then Grandma Finds Scraps Of Paper

One young woman has created a stunning jewelry line called “Forever Yours, Agnes” out of bits and pieces of her grandparents’ romantic love letters.

Meghan Coomes is a jewelry designer working in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she started putting together her collection, she turned to a powerful source of romantic inspiration: her own grandparents.

Coomes’ grandparents Thomas and Agnes shared a spectacular love story. Like many young couples of their generation, they were torn apart by World War II, when Thomas went overseas to fight.

While they were separated, the duo sent countless achingly beautiful love letters back and forth. Decades later, Meghan recovered the missives and decided to give them new life.

She wantedto preserve the romantic notes forever in her custom-made jewelry, so she set about creating special pieces that encapsulate the sweetest sections of the back-and-forth. After more than 70 years sitting idly, the letters get to inspire new generations of romance.

She even named the line after her grandmother’s signature closer: “Forever yours, Agnes.”

Meghan Coomes, 32, is a jewelry designer living and working in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Not long ago, she stumbled upon a thick sheaf of letters stored in her grandmother Agnes’ home.

The notes were a catalogue of Agnes’ beautiful storybookromance with her late husband Thomas, Meghan’s grandfather.

Agnes and Thomas had a long and loving marriage for decades, but before they married, they spent years torn apart by World War II.

With Thomas serving overseas, the young couple keptin touch with dozens of love letters.

They sent letters nearly every single day for more than three years, the entire time Thomas was away.

When Thomas came home safe and sound after the end of WWII, their long separation was over and they were married.

But Agnes never threw out the love letters they’d written duringtheir time apart.

For more than 70 years they stayed in her home, long after her husband Thomas passed away.

According to BuzzFeed, Thomas signed each of his letters with the line “With oceans of love and a kiss on every wave.”

Agnes, meanwhile, signed her letters “Forever yours, Agnes.” Oftentimes, she also left behind a kiss in her signature pink Revlon lip color.

When Meghan first discovered the letters, she asked her grandmother if she could turn one of the missives into a bracelet.

Meghan was traveling a lotfor work at the time, and wanted a memento of home to take with her.

After making her first piece from a New Year’s Eve letter sent in 1943, she became interested in the idea of creating a whole line.

Grandma Agnes loved the first bracelet and the idea of creating a whole line, and gave her blessing to the project.

And if you’re worried about these preciousheirloomsbeing destroyed in the process, rest assured: Meghan makes all her pieces out of copies of the originals.

Now, Meghan is even expanding her line to create custom pieces for individual clients. She often makes precious mementos for family members whoseloved one has died.

If you’d like to check out Meghan’s jewelry or are interested in having your own piece made, you can see more on her online shop. And be sure to SHAREthis sweet and romantic jewelry with friends and family!

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