Woman Is Called Onto Gym Floor For Pep Rally, But Covers Mouth In Shock When She Hears Lyrics

We have seen a lot of awesome and creative proposal ideas here at LittleThings. This couple took to the air for theirs, with the pilot outrageously tricking his girlfriend into thinking the airplane’s engine was failing! Talk about a surprise! Of course, we’ve seen some more down-to-earth ones too, like this proposalat sporting event even though the ring was nearly lost! And in that same vein of sports, Coach Barnhart decided to recruit his basketball team, and many other students, for that matter, to help him pull off the surprise of a lifetime during a pep rally at his school.

The video below begins inside a school’s basketball court, where the students were readying for a pep rally.

But then, the announcer called for a woman named Hannah to join them on the court.

Hannah came down from the stands and, a bit confused, was led to an empty seat in the center of the court.

Instantly, students and players alike flooded the floor and stood in formation.

When the song began to ring out, they began to dance in unison.

It wasn’t until Hannah heard the lyrics of the song and saw the performance of the teens that she began to put two-and-two together.

It all hit her at once, when the lyrics to Bruno Mars‘ “Marry You” began to ring out.

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