Woman Mails Dying Dad Care Package. 7 Years Later She Finds Sealed Box Marked Return To Sender

Time and distance can be difficult factors to overcome. Susan Branson-Smith of Colorado knows this all too well. The woman lived 750 miles away from her dad, Larry, who resided in Las Vegas. But just because they were far from one another, it didn’tmean they didn’t stay in touch. In one of those instances, she prepared a care package to send to her beloved dad, who was dying ofcancer.

According to Branson-Smith, the “postal date when it was shipped originally was January 5, 2010.”

Sadly, the package was lost in the U.S. Mail and never delivered to Larry.

Her dad passed away in 2012, and he never got to open the care package from his daughter.

He was my daddy. He was sick and so brave. I knew he was suffering,” she said.

But seven years later, in shocking fashion, a familiar box arrived at her home.

“I thought I had just seen a ghost,” she said.

It was the same care package that her dad never got to open, sevenyears after she had sent it, finally returned to its sender.

“There needs to be some closure, so it needs to be opened,” she said when asked whether she would open the box that held so many unshared memories with her late dad.

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