Young Man Walks Up To Two Cows On A Farm And Starts Burping Loudly To See Their Reaction

You never truly know how an animal is going to react to something we do. Sure, a dog orcat will enjoy it when you pet them, but what happens when you play Michael Jackson for a dog?

Or, how do you think these horses will react to the deep sounds of a Native American flute? Now, those examples have to do with music, but what happens when you replace music with a burp? Yes, that gassy, often hilarious noise all humans make is the subject of the video below a young man burps loudly at cows to see how they respond.

Yes, you read that correctly.

YouTuber Yanagi19871has made a name for himself with his seemingly uncanny ability to belch extremely forcefully at will.

In the video you are about to watch, he takeshis talents to a farm.

The young man standsa ways away from a couple of cows, one of which is lying down to his right.

He beginsto prepare himself, seemingly sucking in as much air as possible.

He then lets out his first burp, which you have to see and hear to believe!

What is even more astounding about this young man’s burps is how the cows react once they hear him.

What was just two cows quickly becomesseven, as more of them comeover to spectate and witness the burping bonanza!

Suffice it to say, it looks like they enjoy it!

So, any theories as to why these cows areso into these burps? Please SHARE and let us know!

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