Young Nanny Takes Care Of 9-Month-Old For 3 Weeks, Suddenly Learns Baby Has Fatal Liver Disease

There is never a right time to do something good for someone else, because it’s always the right time. This can mean showing up to a protest in support of an elderly woman who is about to lose her house, or even something like helping a stranger give birth in a bathroom.

When peoplelend helping hands to strangers in need, the world becomes a better place for it. Such is the subject of the video below. After babysitting her for only three weeks and learning that she had a fatal disease, this young nanny saved this baby’s life.

Kiersten Miles is only 22 years old, but in many ways, she is already a hero.

The college student was hired as a nanny by the Rosko family in Philadelphia to babysit 9-month-old Talia.

Through her first three weeks of taking care of the baby, Miles learned Taliahad a serious disease.

Without a liver transplant, doctors said Talia might not makeit past 2 years old.

And just like that, Miles’ mind was made up. She would donate part of her liver to try and save the baby.

Talia’s parents tried to explainthe risk Miles was taking by going through with it, but she didn’t see how it was even a decision.

All I had to do was be in the hospital for a week and a five-inch scar. I dont know, it just seemed like such a small sacrifice to me,” Milessaid.

The transplant and surgery was all done in one day, and both Talia and Kiersten are recovering.

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