Finger Food Utensils

I’m Starting To See Progress On My Diet!

It’s taken a few months of effort; but I’m finally starting to see results with my dieting. The biggest help for me has been sticking to a food prep schedule.

In January and February it was too easy to give up after a long day at work and resign myself to ordering dinner/lunch the next day.

It’s not that I hate cooking, I just hate doing dishes. In March I finally decided to be an adult by finding a way to prep food without having to do dishes.

I’ve found some really durable finger food utensils, and these things called Zenergy Trongs. They’re a fork replacement that is easy to carry and makes for one less annoying dish to clean!

It’s like a tripod and good for quick set-down and pick-up. Very good for multi-tasking while you’re eating. Made in the USA.

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