Healthy Ice Cream Maker

Found A Cheaper Way To Make Desserts

I’ve been proud of myself for staying so budget conscious for a quarter of the year. My net worth is slowly climbing towards the black (stinking student loans), and I’m feeling better about myself than ever.

It’s been hard rewarding that hard work though. I’m a food motivated person, but going out to get ice cream gets expensive. That’s counterproductive to the whole “congratulations on saving money” thing.

Love ice cream and finding a Healthy Ice Cream Maker could be challenging. That’s why I decided to give this Yonanas 902 Classic Original Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker a try. It’s allowed me to make some pretty good ice cream without having to blow a bunch of money. Citrus soft serve has been my saving grace!

It helps churn a 100% frozen fruits creating healthy dessert without that additional sugar or preservatives and fat. Now turn your desserts into lovely yummy goodness.

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