Horizontal Shoe Rack

This Weekend Is All About Organization

It’s been a busy weekend for me to say the least. I just had a birthday pass, and I’m using the motivational kick from that to get to work on cleaning up the apartment.

I haven’t been using the space in here efficiently, so I’ve dedicated a lot of time to trying to get organized. I’m having mixed results so far, but there have been a few things that really helped.

One good purchase has been a wall mounted shoe rack. That’s cleared up the floor in my closet, and now that space can be used for the Christmas decorations that have been sitting in Rubbermaid’s by the front door.

Since it’s wall mounted, it helps to keep closets, foyers etc free of clutter. It’s practical and stylish. Pretty easy to install!

Slowly but surely this place is starting to actually look livable!

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